Shame on You


I was taught to keep my big mouth shut if I ain’t got nothin’ nice to say, but sometimes that philosophy just..

gets in the way. How we gonna affect change, how will we evolve if we keep our lips zipped??

If we don’t point our fingers and say that’s it.


The mantra goes repetition sells.

So I gotta see Timberlake Timberland Timberlake Timberland until they are imprinted on my brain.


And I’m just sayin’ there are other musicians who gig ; after gig after gig..

with so much passion and talent and wit. I can’t believe that what’s on the radio’s all that’ll fit .


Why do I keep hearin’ the same old shit??


The  mainstream media’s been selling me thinly veiled greed, and though I’ll concede that I can leave the t .v . off .

They creep into my head, insinuate themselves into my consciousness with intrepid success.

Newspapers and magazines films books and internet. It can be hard to avoid and boy..


the  powers that be over there at M . T . V. need to take responsibility ,

for helping to make lipsynching an art, and believing your own hype just the start to selling out.

Make me some green , gotta buy me more bling and a

S . U . V. a fur, and an I – somethin’.


And as long as I’m talkin’ ‘bout the mass media , whatever happened to integrity? What are you teaching me?

That I gotta consume or there ain’t no more room for me on the planet? That your spoon fed pap is where it’s at , that it’s truth ?


Tellin’ me I need to keep my head buried deep so that the status quo will remain the same insane imbalance..

with the lions share goin’ to the lions and the rest scrabblin’ after the crumbs.


Beat those drums, sound your horn, let them be forewarned..

Say, I can’t breath with this sand up my nose; I need to break free of its ferocious hold.


I need a designer label like I need to label my songs like I need to categorize or colonize dehumanize sensationalize or demoralize lobotomize oversize terrorize or tyrannize. I better stop to satirize and get on over to the reprise.


I’m gonna try to stop with all this whining, no one wants to hear me pining for Utopia. Just lemme say one more thing.


Why do we have all these fear marketers profiting by scaring me to death??

Tellin’ me; if I don’t buy this I’ll never be cool, if I buy that then you know I’ll rule. Get old and die faster if I don’t buy this. Never be loved, always dissed if I don’t buy it.


The evolution of humankind is at hand..

It’s right within our grasp, all we have to do is reach out and grab it


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