Intro Immigrant

We are brothers, sons of Africa

Si ndugu, wana wa Africa

Who love each other, with kind hearts

Tunaopendana,na wenye nyoyo karimu.

Who love peace and have warm hearts.

Wapenda amani na na nyoyo karimu.


Our hearts like our being, so big and open, as are our doors.

Nyoyo zetu kama utu wetu, kubwa na wazi, kama ilivyo milango yetu.


Ready to embrace and warm whoever is cold

Tayari kumkumbatia na kumpa joto



He don’t dream of fillin a closet  with

Jordans , Pumas or Nikes

Maybe just now and again he’s wishin’ on

gettin’ himself a bike


Seventeen years can seem like fifty

Shouldering more and more

If it ain’t he doin’ for his family

Who’s gonna fill that role


He’s scraped and saved made some money

Got ‘im a ride on that boat

Sea is so green

an it’s easier  leavin’

than he would of ever believed.


And he told me…


An accident of birth is how I see it

You could be me,  it could be

worse than you think

tryin’ to break outta this

Worse than where you are now


Somewhere lies cloudless skies

Somewhere take me there

World’s wide and I got my pride

I’ll take that dare I’ll take it


Somewhere lies cloudless skies

Somewhere I’ll just glide

Please providence won’t you provide

I’ve got to try


Wind in  his face salty greeting

Let’s him know he’s alive

People are dyin’

all around him

tryin’ to make a life


Boy as a man his life in front of him

Itchin’ to get goin’, go explore

Best friend with him

Head of their families

Not about to die poor


Eyes wide open time for steppin’ out

Into the world stake a claim

Who says where we’re born we gotta stay

Who can force ‘em to remain


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