• Hippie Tendencies has made it to 5th grade/ Lisa, Marco & Miles gig up a storm
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Hippie Tendencies has made it to 5th grade/ Lisa, Marco & Miles gig up a storm
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Hippie Tendencies are hunkered down writing this winter as well as planning their spring/summer tour. They were inspired to write a song “Snow Day” celebrating their 10 year anniversary which takes place this month. For your free copy go to https://hippietendencies.bandcamp.com/track/snow-day and check out the video on this site.

In other news founding members Lisa and Marco are also giggin’ with the Downbeat Trio featuring Miles Simmons.  Follow the link to check out their schedule!! Jazzy, heart warming, humorous holiday music with a beat! Get there.

(Italiano Sotto)




A Simmons Family Christmas with The Downbeat Trio

Miles Simmons voce

Lisa Simmons voce

Marco Cremaschini piano

The Downbeat Trio offer a very intimate and fresh approach to the classic

Christmas concert. The concert they present takes a modern look at many of the

old American Christmas classics like “Let it Snow” or “We Wish You A Merry

Christmas” , international classics such as “Silent Night” as well as including

more recent modern pop hits like U2’s “One”, Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” and

“What a Wonderful World” which are imbued with the Christmas spirit, if not

Christmas songs per se. They perform these, without however discarding a few

traditional African American traditional Gospel or Spiritual songs Like “Oh Happy

Day” and “Amazing Grace”. Lisa and Miles will also tell the fascinating stories

behind the songs, details which most listeners are unaware of and amused to

discover, along with memories of their childhood Christmas’ and the American

traditions that surround the holiday.

D.C. and Chicago based American singing sensation Miles Simmons brings his

talents to continental Europe and is touring exclusively with established Italian

based country/rock/funk band, Granny Says and the newly formed Downbeat

Trio. A former member of one of the military’s premiere musical organizations,

Miles has sung for President Barack Obama and the First Lady at the White

House, President George and Laura Bush, and President Bill and Hillary Clinton.

In addition, he has sung back up for several luminaries which include: John

Secada, Natalie Cole, Kenny Rogers, LeAnn Womack, Wynona Judd, American

Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez, BeBe and CeCe Winans, Michael Feinstein,

Candice Glover, Clint Holmes, Tony Danza, Sylvia McNair, and most recently

Renee Fleming at the internationally broadcast 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII. He is

also a veteran of the theater having toured in U.S. national tours such as “The

Original Broadway Swing”, “Five Guys Named Moe”, “Ain’t Misbehavin”, and ”

Smokey Joe’s Cafe” and spent two years with “Miss Saigon” in Stuttgart,

Germany. http://www.milessimmons.com

Miles joins musical forces with sister Lisa Marie Simmons & Marco Cremaschini

who are co-founders of the band Hippie Tendencies (http://

www.hippietendencies.com ) based in Italy performing Blues, Jazz and

Americana with their own unique interpretation. Lisa has written and recorded

several pop and dance tunes topping dance charts in 1998. She has been

performing live throughout Europe for many years playing festivals and smaller

venues as well as national television in France (Hit Machine M6), Italy (Focus Rai

Uno), and Denmark (Paskefest). Marco (piano/keys) is a consummate jazz

pianist with extensive live and recording experience and is well known and

respected throughout Italy and the EU. Among others, he has collaborated with

several artists well followed in Italy such as: Silvia Dalla Noce, Kay Foster

Jackson, and San Remo finalist Jenny B, as well as the renowned Cheryl Porter.

He also scored Andrea Romano’s short film Travolti da un solido destino: http://

tinyurl.com/qb7bsuj. As a songwriting team, they have collaborated with a long

list of musicians: Miles Simmons, Anna Maria Castelli, Alan Farrington, Lisa Bell,

Cheryl Porter, Enrico Sauda, and Loris Baroni, among many others.

Lisa and Marco have also been honored with several awards including, but not

limited to: The 2011 “Premio Speciale” from the town of Sirmione in the north of

Italy for Art, Music and Entertainment, the 2013 Empower Music and Arts for a

positive music award from Florida U.S.A. and the lead song from The Italian

Project (album co-written with Bob Story and Lisa Bell), “Bring the Love”, was

one of the winners of the first Colorado Music Business Organization’s

Songwriting Contest in the Americana category with a second song from the

album “Walk with Me” gaining an Honorable Mention in the same category in


Additionally, they are artists in residence at Lou Casteou in the South of France,

where they teach a songwriting course twice a year called “How to write an

enduring song rather than a hit song”.



A Simmons Family Christmas with The Downbeat Trio

Il “Downbeat Trio” offre un approccio molto intimo e fresco al

classico concerto di Natale. Nello spettacolo sono presentati con

una veste moderna i vecchi classici americani di Natale come “Let

It Snow” o “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”, classici

internazionali come “Silent Night”, così come successi pop più

recenti come Leonard Cohen “Hallelujah”, U2 “One” e “What a

Wonderful World” . Tutti brani che sono permeati dello spirito

natalizio, anche se non sono veri e propri canti natalizi.

Ovviamente un’attenzione particolare viene data alla tradizione

afro-americana, Gospel o Spiritual, canzoni come “Oh Happy

Day” e “Amazing Grace” ma anche altre meno scontate.

Lisa e Miles racconteranno le affascinanti storie dietro le canzoni,

i dettagli e gli aneddoti che la maggior parte del pubblico non

conosce e che si divertirà a scoprire. Lisa e Miles ricorderanno

poi, insieme al pubblico, il Natale ‘della loro gioventù e le

tradizioni americane che circondano il periodo delle festività.

Il sensazionale cantante Miles Simmons, di casa a Washington

DC e Chicago, porta il suo talento per l’Europa continentale ed è

in tour con The Downbeat Trio.

Membro di una delle più importanti organizzazioni musicali

militari, Miles ha cantato per il presidente Barack Obama e la First

Lady alla Casa Bianca, il presidente George e Laura Bush, e il

presidente Bill e Hillary Clinton.

Inoltre, ha cantato come corista per diversi importanti artisti tra i

quali: John Secada, Natalie Cole, Kenny Rogers, LeAnn

Womack, Wynona Judd, American Idol runner-up Jessica

Sanchez, BeBe and CeCe Winans, Michael Feinstein, Candice

Glover, Clint Holmes, Tony Danza, e recentemente, a televisione

per Renee Fleming al Super Bowl XLVIII per un audienze


E’ anche un veterano del teatro,che lo ha visto protagonista nei

tour nazionali Statunitensi come “The Original Broadway Swing”,

“Five Guys Named Moe”, “Ain’t Misbehavin”, e “Smokey Joe

Cafe” e in un tour durato 2 anni con “Miss Saigon “a Stoccarda, in


Miles Simmons si unisce con la sorella Lisa (cantante e

cantautrice conosciuta in tutta Europa) e il pianista Marco

Cremaschini (musicista con grande esperienza nella musica soul,

jazz e blues), i membri fondatori della band Hippie Tendencies,

http://www.hippietendencies.com : insieme formano il Downbeat

Trio.. eseguendo Blues, Jazz e Americana con la propria

interpretazione unica.

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